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Emma Hartnell-Baker, Innovate UK Award Winner 
ICRWY Thought Driven Communication
Think it, Play it, See it, Hear it!
Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

The 'Duck Hands Lady' who loves a cup of tea!

I Can Speak Without You app: Communicating My Way
A Fully Inclusive AAC Device for Non-Speaking Children: ICSWY brings words to life—think it, play it, see it, hear it
Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

Emma Hartnell-Baker The Duck Hands Lady
Duck Hands, Speech Sound Lines and Numbers

Emma Hartnell-Baker, known as 'Miss Emma' to the children, has been an advocate for play-based learning for over 10 years and strives to make learning as multisensory, engaging, and visible as possible. Children love using their Duck Hands, and meeting her Speech Sound Monsters aka The Phonemies!

"I couldn't teach two and three year olds to read without my Speech Sound family!'

Growing Word Wings - Speech, Language and Literacy Therapy

Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix

Ortho-Graphix Word Mapping, with its focus on Speech Sound Mapping using Duck Hands, significantly enhances the speed of learning in reading and spelling for learners of all neurotypes, while also boosting their self-confidence and independence. Emma Hartnell-Baker, a world-renowned expert in creating experiences that unlock potential, ensures that ALL learners can become avid readers and super spellers, fostering a sense of achievement and autonomy at any age and stage of their learning journey.

Duck Hands - Segmenting Words into Speech Sounds

Emma Hartnell-Baker has been delivering teacher training around the world, sharing her innovative techniques. Teachers use the 'Duck Hand' technique during the morning register to enhance their students' phonemic awareness—a skill essential for reading and spelling!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to make life easier for ALL children. Let's connect.
Emma Hartnell-Baker 'The Duck Hands Lady'

Duck Hands - Speech Sound Connections - Speech and Language Therapy
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